Backdrops and Installations

At Flowery we also make giant flowers and flower walls that will make your parties, photo shoots and spaces; beautiful.  

These giant flowers are made with cardstock and/or foam, depending on the type of space it will decorate and if is located indoor or outdoor.  

We rent and sell these flowers. Rent is by the day and you can customize the backdrop according to your own design idea (colors, type of flower, size, etc).   There are some already-made flowers for rent in our shop that you can choose from and will have a different price, or we could make-by-order a new flower wall or free standing flower according to your needs. 

​Installations are any flowery decorations that we put up directly onto your spaces (wall, windows, etc).  With this service, you hire us; we'll discuss the design idea and we'll come to your place to install the flowers on your own space. 


The following are some of the walls, backdrops and installations we've made in the past. The ones that are currently available for rent have the note at the bottom. 

8'x8' full-filled flower wall


2' x 8' top -filled and curtains  -  Available


flower wall

10' x 10' border-filled (Installation for children's store window decor)


flower wall

4' x 8' Wood Background - Corner filled (Available)


flower wall

2' x 8' wood background - Top filled (Available)


giant flower

Giant free-standing flowers 5' and 6' high (Available)


Installation for store wall


window installation

Installation for Jewerly Store


flower wall

6' x 8' life-size flowers wall (Available)