Care Instructions

Paper flowers are awesome because they are artistic, long-lasting and nature-like but they are still PAPER.  

Have you seen how are books kept in libraries? That is because, if you want it to last, paper needs to be cared for.

Flowery's paper flowers are always hand painted with different types of paint and then finished with a product that will try to keep the colors as they are when the flower has just been finished.

To ensure you get to enjoy your flowers for a long period of time, please follow these instructions:

KEEP AWAY FROM:                                                                                         

1-. Direct Sunlight and brigh artificial light:   Because bright light will make the colors fade away.  

2-. Extreme heat:  The heat, when is too intense, will make the petals move and lose their shape.

3-. Fire:  Because of the different types of paint used when making the flowers and the nature of paper itself, these flowers are a flammable product.

4-. Water, water mist and humidity:  Paper is naturally not water proof and it will break or lose its shape.  Even placing it in front of an air-conditioning unit, where it directly receives the mist when cold air comes out of the unit; might damage the flower.

TO DUST:                                                                                                          

You can dust the flowers by turning them upside down and shaking gently, or by using a small make-up brush.


WHAT WILL NORMALLY HAPPEN TO THE FLOWERS?:                                

In good conditions, the flowers won't change shape or colors very quickly; but it is possible for the petals to move a little bit because of the nature of the paper when exposed to open-air environments (meaning not-enclosed, climate-controlled storage).  That is normal to happen and it won't hurt the final shape and colors of the flowers.

These flowers could last even years but, eventually, the colors will start to fade and change and will get a more "vintage" look. 


                For any questions or comments, please get in touch with me.